Going Nose To Nosecone With A Harrier Jet

The Pit and the Pendulum? Please. This man's got a much more serious concern: a Harrier jet, inches from his nose, suspended from the ceiling by just two cables. That's quite a predicament.

The Sea Harrier, along with a Sepecat Jaguar XZ118, are actually part of an installation at London's Tate Museum. Artist Fiona Banner's Harrier and Jaguar displays the planes with minor aesthetic tweaks: the Jaguar has been stripped of paint so that you can see your reflection in it, while the Harrier's vertical orientation and hand-painted feather markings give it a trussed-chicken look.

What's it all trying to say? Something about war, probably! But I'm more interested in playing bogey to a retired battle raptor. [Guardian UK via NOTCOT]

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