Gary Numan Plays "Cars" On Two Dozen Cars

Who "Here in my car, I feel safest of all..." Ah, yes. Here is Numan, the electronic music pioneer, performing his 1979 hit "Cars" on an array of automobiles. Oh, and the whole rig's powered by a single car battery.

The 96-wheeled instrument was put together by Synn Labs, the tinkerers responsible for the Rube Goldberg madness of OK Go's recent "This Too Shall Pass" video.

Of course, somebody has to foot the bill for these types of things, and in this case it's DieHard, who wanted to demonstrate just how much a single one of their DieHard Platinum batteries can power. Twenty-four cars, two keyboards and one one-hit wonder is how much. (OK, OK, there was "Are 'Friends' Electric?" too.)

Sadly, Wired explains, you're not hearing the cars' actual horns but rather an MP3 file of a horn played through the car's sound system. When you're working off one car battery - the whole setup drew only 31.3 amphours - I guess you're allowed to cut some corners. [Wired]

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