Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet Supports Both Pen And Finger Multitouch

Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet Supports Both Pen And Finger Multitouch

Fujitsu has been making Lifebook tablets for years. But with the introduction of the iPad and the rise and rise of finger-based input, it’s good to see that their latest machines support both stylus and finger multitouch control.

Both the Lifebook TH700 features a 12.1-inch touchscreen, which can be controlled using either the bundled stylus or your fingers, depending on the application. Like other Lifebook tablets, these machines also feature a full Qwerty keyboard and an integrated DVD drive.

The TH700 starts at $2099, which includes a 500GB HDD, a Core i3 processor and 2GB RAM. There’s an optional embedded HSPA SIM card slot for road warriors, as well as 802.11n, Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner, HDMI output and comes running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Sydney, Australia: 26 July, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the launch of their newest array of tablet computing delights that raise the bar of mobility and functionality. Refreshed with the latest processors and performance capabilities, including a 12.1 inch screen and Dual Digitizer multi-touch function, the LifeBook TH700 and T730* push boundaries further to let you perform everyday activities with greater ease, efficiency and style.

“The Fujitsu LifeBook TH700 and T730 with its responsive multi-touch screen are designed to allow you to interact with a tablet-convertible notebook the way you want it to be: using keyboard, stylus pen or two finger touch.” shares Mr. Ivan Chan, Business Director, Fujitsu PC Australia.

Designed with first-time Tablet PC users in mind, the LifeBook TH700 comes in a glossy black cover embellished with a distinctive Fujitsu Infinity Mark on the cover for the trendy and stylish users. Comparatively, the LifeBook T730* portrays a confident and professional demeanor with its matte black cover with a prominent white keyboard area.

Featuring a 12.1-inch WXGA TFT screen with Dual Digitizer for an intuitive touch experience, the LifeBook T730* allows you an optional view angle of R/L/U/D: 80/80/80/80 degrees and a bi-directional hinge for a comfortable use during presentation or discussion..

Do more with pen inputs and touch with the Fujitsu LifeBook TH700 and T730*. Targeted at users who enjoy both the type and touch usage scenarios, these two Tablet PCs present a perfect multi-touch experience with the pre-installed Windows® 7 operating system to both first-time Tablet PC and professional users respectively.

(Superior functionality and Dual Digitizer with an intelligent multi-touch function as portrayed in the diagram above)

Both Tablet PCs are equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ Processor; Intel® Core™ i3-350M processor for the LifeBook TH700 and an option of the Intel® Core™ i5-520M or Intel® Core™ i7-620M for the LifeBook T730*. Complemented by a high-capacity Hard Disk Drive (500GB for LifeBook TH700 and a 320GB/500GB for LifeBook T730*), both models are mighty workhorses, which are able to support heavy work usage and competent in seamless file transfers with built-in Bluetooth® capabilities and 3.5G connectivity options. With such heavy work usage in mind, the chassis of both Tablet PCs are increased slightly by a barely noticeable 0.5mm to ensure better ventilation for long hours of use. This ensures the Tablet PCs will not get heated up should you need to spend long-hours working on an artwork or a project.

For the maximum on-the-go flexibility, LifeBook TH700 and T730* come with hot-swappable modular bay device. Simply swap between optional accessories of a secondary battery which gives you an extended battery life of up to 8.15hrs1, a weight saver for a lighter notebook or a 2nd HDD fitting kit to maximize storage capability.

Knowing the importance of security to any notebook user, both the LifeBook TH700 and T730* are equipped with a whole gamut of security features including Fingerprint Sensor, 3D Shock Sensor, BIOS Lock, LifeBook Lock and a HD Lock so as to protect your highly confidential documents and your notebook.

The LifeBook TH700 or T730* instantaneously turns into a social and entertainment tool with its built-in HDMI output and watch movies on a large screen, or stay connected with friends with a 2.0 Mega Pixel camera and built-in stereo microphone so you can chat with friends through VoIP.

Fujitsu remains firmly committed to the promotion of a cleaner environment and complies with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) across its entire range of products. In addition, Fujitsu has established a set of commitments that goes beyond RoHS requirements, thus allowing it to stay keenly focused on its customers’ health and well-being as well as to embrace a healthier environment for all. By adopting a green factory concept and being committed to the cause of energy-efficient computing, Fujitsu also fights to sustain the Earth as a sponsor and a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Pricing and Availability – Fujitsu LifeBook TH700
Vendor: Fujitsu PC Australia
Model: LifeBook TH700
RRP: from A$2,099
Customer Care Hotline: 1800 288 283
Distributors: Bluechip Infotech and Multimedia Technology
Availability: July