Friday August 13: Gizmodo’s Fight The Filter Day Of Action (UPDATED)

Friday August 13: Gizmodo’s Fight The Filter Day Of Action (UPDATED)

 title=Mark it down in your diaries, Gizmodians. Friday, August 13 is officially the Fight the Filter day of action, and we need every one of you to be a part of it. UPDATE: With the election now scheduled for August 21, we’ve decided to focus on delivering the best arguments against the filter rather than a call to action day, although we fully support anyone who wants to put pressure on MPs about the filter issue.

Over the coming weeks and in the lead up to August 13, we’ll be arming you with the best arguments and skills to persuasively argue against the filter. On the day, we’ll be pushing a multi-pronged attack on the filter’s supporters, including:

* A mass ministerial letter campaign, where we want every one of you to send a letter, email and call your local federal minister and opposition candidates to voice your disappointment and anger over the planned mandatory filter.

* A media push, where we want all Gizmodians to send letters to the editors of national, regional and local newspapers around the country, call talkback radio to argue against the filter, plus comment on any websites and forums you’re a part of in the online world, in an attempt to spread the word.

* Another online social campaign, which we’ll share more details of later this week.

Our biggest strength – and our biggest hope for success – isn’t in the content we produce, but in you, the Gizmodo audience. By banding together on Friday, August 13, we can send a loud and clear message that at this coming election, we aren’t going to sit back and let the Labor government’s plan for mandatory internet censorship slide through parliament against the wishes of the tech-savvy public.

And in the meantime – join our Fight the Filter Facebook page.

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