Ford Sync Gets 100x More Voice Commands

The first generation of Ford's voice-activated car control system, Sync, recognised some 100 commands. The new version, beefed up with tech from voice-recognition company Nuance, recognises over 10,000. Basically your new Ford just became a way better listener.

The new voice recognition comes as part of the new MyFord Touch system, which will be available in the new 2011 Ford Edge. The expanded range of commands, in addition to enhanced voice-recognition capability, should make much easier for drivers to get used to chatting it up with their vehicle. Whereas you used to have to say, "PHONE: DIAL JOHN SMITH" - like you were talking to a robot - the new system lets you just say "Call John Smith", like you're talking a person who lives inside your car and just sounds like a robot.

Other new features include things like letting drivers to shout an address, all in one go, as well as offering multiple "aliases" for dictating the same command - "temp up" and "increase temp", for example, both get you a warmer cockpit. BLOG POST, PUBLISH! Bummer, still doesn't work. [Ford]

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