Finally, A Hole Punch For Beer

Finally, A Hole Punch For Beer

I think I can speak for everyone here when I say there’s nothing worse than not drinking a bottle of brewskie through a crazy straw.

But this collective passion we have, a religion, if you will, dedicated to drinking cold bottles of beer through ornate and often rare straws, oft-requires the elusive bottle opener.

Today, a new dawn is upon us. No longer shall we apologetically hide bottle openers on our key chains, the sharp-edged contraptions free to scratch the artisan crazy straw cases in our pockets.

Through some sort of divine mercy, this BottleBop Bottle Cap Punch was forged upon this earth, and will empower all of man and womankind to drill right through a bottle cap rather than attempting its removal, creating a straw hole – nay, a straw cave – through which one can mine the finest alcoholic nectars with the craziest of straws available in their region.

You may be asking, “But what of the tiny disk of metal that will likely fall into my drink?” And to that we can only say, blasphemy. $US21 [epaulet via badbanana via OhGizmo!]