Fight Weeds Like Superman: Flying Horizontally, Powered By The Sun

Weeds, aching backs and dignity: all things that stand no chance in the face of the Wunda Weeder, a magnificent solar-powered gardening exo-skeleton that allows its wearer to soar over invasive plants like some sort of green-thumbed superhero.

Are details really important with an invention such as this? I could tell you that the Wunda Weeder has an on-board solar-powered radio, or that it costs $US8000, or that it has trays and buckets for seeds and weeds of various sorts, accessible to the user/wearer/rider in a prone position. But this is more of a big picture type of thing - either you can get behind the idea of being the human heart of a complex gardening machine or you can't.

Personally I don't think I could ever garden without one. [Wunda via Dvice]

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