Fight The Filter with Gizmodo

Fight The Filter with Gizmodo

 title=In spite of all the logic, evidence and simple common sense placed before them, the Labor government still wants to censor the internet. And we’ve had enough. Gizmodo is taking action.

Since the federal Labor government took power back in 2007, we’ve been riding a rollercoaster of truths, half-truths and intentional misinformation about their Cyber Safety policy. A policy that started life as an opt-in ISP service for concerned parents suddenly became a plan for mandatory censorship.

Ignoring rivers of expert testimony showing why the filter will be ineffective in its aims, and where the money could be better spent to achieve better results, the government continues to push for the filter’s implementation. Those who disagree with Senator Conroy are deemed by him to be supporters of child pornography, regardless of the logical merits of their argument.

The government, largely through Senator Conroy, talks in high-rotation sound bytes: “child porn”, “bestiality”, and “pro-rape” are used repetitively in an effort to reinforce the “importance” of their plan. All we hear is an echo chamber which shows the government is unwilling to listen to reasonable discussion nor logic when it comes to internet policy.

To date, the debate over internet censorship has happened on the government’s terms.

With a new Prime Minister and a federal election coming very soon, Gizmodo is taking the opportunity to fight the filter. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be bringing you posts from leading experts explaining not only how the proposed filter is doomed to fail, but also why its introduction is downright dangerous to our democratic ideals and the future of our digital economy.

We don’t expect the Labor government to suddenly change its tune because we’ve decided to take a stand. But we’re going to give you the arguments, the evidence and the information you need to put pressure on both this government and future governments to pursue a course of action for online security that won’t infringe on our democratic freedoms.

If we don’t all stand up now, it could be too late.

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