Faceplant iPhone App Will Let You Know Who's Down To Facetime

Facetime's a fun iPhone feature, but can be annoying to use if you're not certain whether your contact is connected to a Wi-Fi network or even has an iPhone 4 in the first place. Faceplant fixes that problem and more.

The Faceplant app isn't difficult to use. You just enter your name and phone number the first time you open it, and it does the rest. It automatically gets your friends' details from your contact list, so there's no tedious "friending" required - all contacts using the app will just show up complete with a status message and a note of whether they're connected to Wi-Fi.

From the app, you're able to initiate Facetime or regular calls as well as send video messages without draining your MMS allotment. There are options to receive push notifications, to slip into a private mode and to set status messages.

There's no word on exactly when Faceplant will be available or whether it will cost anything, but it seems to have the potential to be a nice upgrade to Facetime - even if I wish I could get the same features built directly into Facetime rather than having to use a third-party app. [Faceplant]

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