Every Hesitant Couple Needs Nintendo's Antiquated Love Tester

Have you fallen head over heel for your girl, but worry she doesn't return your affections? What you need is Nintendo's Love Tester! Crafted from the hands of the Game & Watch creator in 1969, it tests your luuuurve.

It's back after 41 years, supposedly reissued because the mighty question of love remains to be answered. It works with both users holding hands, with their other hand grabbing a ball each. One of the balls attached to the Love Tester, I mean. The device will then tell the users how strong (or weak) their love is for one another, based on the idea that their palms will sweat and the sensors will pick up on that "energy".

If anything it's one for the mantelpiece of those Gunpei Yokoi-worshippers who have every Game & Watch and Game Boy portables ever created. It costs $US55, with shipping worldwide coming in at $US26. [Japan Trend Shop via Technabob]

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