Evatran's Plugless Power Station Will Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars

Evatran's Plugless Power Station hopes to juice electric cars by sending charges wirelessly. Pull up, park and its power station will handle the rest. No plugging in necessary.

The whole system works by attaching an adaptor (about the size of a shoebox) to the car and having it come really close - two inches close - to the power station's parking block (presumably, in your garage). Basically, you'll have to become a master of inching your car up to the exact spot to get the invisible juices flowing.

Sadly, the Plugless Power Station isn't exactly 100 per cent effective (it's currently at only 80 per cent efficiency and hopes to be 90 per cent effective on launch). So in a way, it's a little counterproductive to an electric car's purpose. But hey, it's no wires! Evatran hopes to release the Plugless Power Station by April 2011. [AutoBlog via Fast Company]

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