Droid Incredible’s Bluetooth Having Problems Connecting To Cars, Keyboards And More

Droid Incredible’s Bluetooth Having Problems Connecting To Cars, Keyboards And More

Swept underneath the hype of the HTC Evo and Droid X lurks the Droid Incredible. Interest is still, well, incredibly high for this Droid but a growing number of users are concerned about the incomplete Bluetooth stack it shipped with.

The Bluetooth stack that HTC shipped with the Droid Incredible lacks support for Serial Port Profile (SPP) Bluetooth and Human Interface Device (HID) Bluetooth. Which in layman’s terms means that a lot of Bluetooth-equipped cars, keyboards and other accessories just don’t work with the Incredible.

According to a Droid Incredible user:

HTC did not load the full version of Bluetooth that a person would receive with 2.1 Android. The version on these phones is held over from a previous version of Android either due in part to loading sense ui and not upgrading these key vital component or simply because it conflicted with Sense. Things that probably won't work include HID Bluetooth devices like a wii remote or bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Some other profiles such as SPP may also not work because we simply don't have the most current Android version of Bluetooth installed on these devices. It's not cool that I don't have a complete 2.1 device.

The issue is only really affecting a small subset of users, because let's face it, not everyone is using the Droid Incredible with their BMW's and Bluetooth keyboards. It's just odd that HTC would deliver such an impressive phone with a handcuffed Bluetooth stack. We've seen other reports saying HTC has done this to the Desire as well, so maybe it is a HTC Sense issue. Which in that case, those third party UI's really should just all disappear.

We're hopeful that HTC can fix this issue with an update, but in the mean time, we guess you Incredible users will have to look towards the extremely talented developer community for help. [HTC Forums]