Dealzmodo: Kogan 3 Metre HDMI 1.4 Cables For $9

The HDMI cable is the de facto connecting standard for HD gear, and now Kogan's selling 3 metre HDMI 1.4 cables for $9 plus shipping. Bargain!

The 1.4 spec has a heap of new features like Ethernet over HDMI, 3D support, audio return channel and 4K resolution. Your AV gear will need to support the HDMI 1.4 spec to make the most of it though.



    hmmm, meh. I'll wait for this...

      What do you plan to plug that into? Or are there cheap adaptors available/planned?

    $25 for the cable shipped here... I don't know, I can go to my local electronics store and get pretty much the same thing for an extra $3 and have it in my hand as I leave the store.

    Is this cable backwards compatible with my older AV gear that wouldn't have the 1.4 standard?


    Good to see honest pricing for digital cables. It's amazing how many people get sucked in by the marketing of companies like Monster that claim their $300 1.8m HDMI cables deliver a better picture. It's all zeros and ones! The picture either gets there or it doesn't.

    Good on ya Kogan :)

    Can somebody please tell me why certain brands of HDMI cable cost hundreds of dollars?

    I saw Monster HDMI cables being demonstrated at dick smith electronics next to a freaken yellow composite cable. Surely the target market for these expensive cables are videophiles, so isn't that just insulting their intelligence?

    The only benefit I can think of is improved insulation resulting in a connection thats less likely to flicker or drop out.

    But how does one brand of 1.4 HDMI cable effect colours/clarity over another 1.4?

      Because its a brand. They may spend marginal amounts more on slightly better copper etc, but in the end it comes down to their profits (maybe r&d).

      It's insulting to everyone who has a clue.

      The target market is the easily led, with dollars to burn.

      It doesn't. It's a digital signal; if you can get a picture at all, it's probably perfect.

      If you're running *long* (10m+) cables then cable quality is a concern. But at 3m it'd have to be pretty damn crappy to be less than flawless. And anyone who claims otherwise either has an intelligence that invites insults, or is the liar trying to sell you the overpriced cable.

      Pro tip: it doesn't.

      Maybe back in the days of analogue, but not with digital. Anyone who believes the crap Monster and similar spouts, deserves to have their money stolen.

    Those $300 monsters can be bought online for $30ish

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