Dangle Or Prop Your Gadgets With The Munkey Mobile Device Stand

OK, Droid X. OK, Sprint Evo. You guys win. You have big, shiny screens that I would very much enjoy watching a movie on. But how to prop you up or hang you from a seat back? Ah! The Munkey.

There are plenty of phone stands out there - Hell, the Evo has one built in - but the Munkey sets out to be your one and only phone stand, allowing you to prop your device up on a desk, or hang it from a car seat or aeroplane tray table using an included strap. It's multi-talented, see, like a monkey that can swing from tree to tree or throw its poop very accurately.

The Munkey, made from lightweight anodised aluminium and available in several of colours, should accommodate pretty much any smart phone or similarly-sized media device you might've purchased over the last few years, including iPhones, iPods, Zunes, Droids and Blackberries of all stripe.

Sadly, this Munkey's an endangered species - only 100 of each colour have been produced for the first run - so don't waste any time snapping one up. $US30. [The Munkey]

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