Control Any PC Game With Multitouch Gestures

iBUYPOWER's new MAGIC software (that's Multi-touch Advanced Gaming Interface and Control, not my unbridled enthusiasm) lets you map keystrokes and mouse clicks to multitouch gestures, so you can control any game with your fingers. Supreme Commander 2? Not too shabby.

MAGIC lets you assign typical mouse and keyboard functions to tap, double-tap, drag and rotate gestures, bringing all of your old favourites not only up to date but like 20 years in the future, to a time when multitouch gaming is totally commonplace and any mention of Starcraft 2 just gets you nostalgic.

The software is free, but you'll need one of iBUYPOWER's multitouch gaming notebooks to utilise it. Admittedly finger-commanded Supreme Commander looks pretty fun, but without trying it, it's hard to say if this will end up closer to the David Copperfield or Gob Bluth end of the magic spectrum. [MAGIC]

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