US Congress Moves To Nix Mobile Phones For Convicts

US Congress Moves To Nix Mobile Phones For Convicts

Following a similar law passed by the US Senate, the House has voted to close a legal loophole that allows mobile phones to reach federal prisoners. Legislators hope the move will block inmates from conducting criminal activity while locked up.

Currently mobile devices aren’t classified as contraband, allowing a highly lucrative smuggling trade to form in prisons across the country. Sen Dianne Feinstein of California claimed that illicit phones go for as much as $US500 to $US1000 in her state, and that one unscrupulous prison guard made $US150,000 in one year off the mobile trade alone.

On the other hand, Rep Bobby Scott of Virginia argues that phone smuggling is a mobile phone plan.

At any rate, the vote will now allow for plenty of clever police one-liners, such as The only cell you’re gonna be seeing is a prison cell, kid. Or at least that’s what I would do if I were a cop. [Huffington Post]

Image via HowStuffWorks