Combine These Powerful Sanyo Projectors For One Ginormous Panorama

This Sanyo projector's plenty impressive on its own: native 2k resolution for 2048x1080 images thrown up against your wall, 3000:1 contrast ratio. But like Voltron, it's when you get a few of them together that the real show starts.

The thuddingly named Sanyo PLV-HF10000L contains not only picture-in-picture, but also picture-by-picture, seamlessly blending multiple projections into one cohesive, gigantic image. For regular everyday use? Nah. They're not available until November, and then for some as-yet-undisclosed, likely extreme amount of money. But for those moments when you need to shout it on the broad side of a barn, these'll do the trick. [Pocket Lint]

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