Cisco Promises Wi-Fi Flip, iOS 4 App And More

Cisco Promises Wi-Fi Flip, iOS 4 App And More

Turns out an enterprise tablet was just the beginning: Cisco today also announced plans for a Wi-Fi Flip cam, an iOS 4 video client and a media transcoder that would broker an end to the ongoing Apple-Flash spat. Busy day!

There aren’t many details available about each individual item, but here’s what we we know:

• The Wi-Fi-enabled Flip camcorder should be available in time for this Christmas.

• The iOS4 app would be based on Mobi, and Cisco would “absolutely love” to be able to integrate with FaceTime. No timing or pricing details are available yet.

• Cisco’s Media Experience Server, for carriers and enterprise networks, would transcode video from any input device to any other device. That means a non-Flash enabled device like the iPad or iPhone would be able to receive Flash-enabled content. Timing, again, is unclear.

Sounds good! At least, sounds good enough for me to want more details ASAP. [ComputerWorld]