Censorship Filter Legislation By The End Of The Year

<strike>Censorship</strike> Filter Legislation By The End Of The Year

Stephen Conroy told journalists yesterday that he expects the government’s plan for internet censorship filtering to hit parliament by the end of this year. Great.

When pressed on when we would see the filtering legislation introduced to parliament, Conroy stated:

“We are prepared to spend as much time as necessary to make sure we get it right. The discussions we’re having behind the scenes with various players are more interested in getting the implementation and the actual policy right rather than saying it’s got to be done by some artificial deadline.

I expect it (the legislation) to be this year. I expect that we will table the legislation this year sooner rather than later. If you’re thinking ‘does that mean December?’ – No, I wouldn’t think it would be December, but there could be intervening events that I am not in control of.”

Jenna Pitcher over at Delimiter managed to score some footage of the Q&A session (embedded below) – skip to the 4:30 point to see him respond to the filter timetable questions.