Can Gadgets Become Heirlooms?

Heirlooms are significant objects - often jewellery or prized items - passed through generations. But as our priorities in life change, will our choices of heirlooms as well? Will I find myself entrusting an original Game Boy to my child one day?

Ellen Lupton has a wonderful piece in the NYT discussing heirlooms, their place in our world and whether they will even have such a place in the future. I recommend giving it a read while pondering what you'd want to pass on to your offspring. [NYT]

Illustration via NYT


    I wish I still had my original sony Walkman from the 80's. All the buttons and noises it made with it's moving parts. In fact I wish I had all my music players from over the years, I'd frame them all and hang them in a grand hallway

    Heirlooms require significant value either functional or sentimental.

    The value is integral to the heirloom as you are passing down an object as well as the value attached to that object.

    In our age of disposable gadgets that are designed and built with a limited lifespan in mind, it would be difficult to see them as heirlooms of value.

    I do think gadgets can be looked at as antiques. Functional or not, an object only needs to be old and appeal to someone's interest.

    Matt's comment above is a good example of viewing gadgets as antiques.

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