Camera Stamps Celebrate Their Own Obsolescence

The Stampy Digital Camera is just a concept, but the idea is simply too adorable to ignore. Take a photo, then an auto-configured stamp lets you "print" it wherever you'd like. The possibilities are endless:

(OK, the only notable scenario I can imagine is one where banks mark bounced checks with a branch-manager-sourced goatse. However, such is a result of my own dwindling taste and maturity rather than a technical limitation of Stampy's part, especially as Stampy is imaginary.)

But look, don't worry about what you'll actually use the thing for. I didn't want to have to say this, but stamps have been down on their luck for a few decades now. They were there for you in the past and now they could use your support of a gimmicky resurgence. You owe it to stamps to make Stampy happen. [Yanko Design]

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