Bye Bye, HDMI! There's A New A/V Cable Standard In Town

A group of consumer electronics manufacturers got together and finalised the specifications of a new A/V cable standard. It's called HDBaseT and is based on standard CAT5e/6 - meaning we should wind up paying less for our home theatre wiring.

The standard is expected to be adopted by 2011. [HDBaseT via NewTeeVee]


    Great, more cords to add to the electrical spaghetti.

      Yep...looking at the comparison to HDMI the advantages are the ability to power/charge devices and the length of the cable can be up to 100meters (extendable to 800 meters by daisy chaining with multi hops) without loss of signal strength. I'm not opposed to it, CAT5/6 cables are cheap and plentiful, just sucks that everything I own will be out of date again.

    I'm currently in the process of planning my home network for a soon to be built (early 2011) home, this is certainly an interesting change. It'll significantly change my proposed home theatre room setup.

    Was going to have to run HDMI cables through the wall to join the TV to the AV equipment. Might be able to save some $$ and run fewer HDMI cables (for older devices) and utilise some of the already planned home network CAT cables.

    With a fully networked house, this will certainly make for some VERY interesting setups. Plus, none of this HDMI cable price ripoff!

    maybe not necessarily more cords, just more outdated equipment...

    I am intrigued. There is not much detail on the site. But if all of the devices can work as simply as plugging into a standard switch and they become aware of other devices on the "network" that could be excellent.
    I don't see a lot of advantage for your average home-theatre user. But for shopping centres, airports, universities etc that might want multiple displays connected at great distances then this is a winner.

    Actually, you can get HDMI to Ethernet converters right now! and they're pretty cheap too :)

    Oh god dammit.

    I wish I was opposed to this. I wish I could rant that it's a pointless incremental upgrade, or a sidewards step. A cynical attempt so separate those chasing the next top shelf standard from their money..

    But I cant. This looks like a genuinely solid standard. Especially when you consider the recent, almost complete convergence between home theaters and home networks.

    I just don't want to have to buy new gear again next year.

    I'm surprised that they've actually come up with a decent idea for once! It's a great idea to actually use standard cheap and plentiful cables for interconnects, and it's even more surprising to actually see them develop a standard that seems to try and add some improvements as well.

    Of for the love of small fur animals, I just brought a new mini mac so I could use the god dame hdmi port!

    Does this mean I can send HD video directly over my network!??! Can I also send network traffic with it?!?! Or is it just yet another cable I need to convince my wife I need snake around the room...


    Why are you all fretting about losing the use of HDMI and current HDMI devices ???

    I would be highly surprised if HDMI was dropped by all manufacturers within 5-10 years.... and by then its time for an upgrade anyway ;)

    HDMI 1.3 max bandwidth is around 10Gbps
    I've never seen a CAT5 UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) cable that is capable of 10Gbps, and there are a few companies that uses CAT6 UTP for 10Gbps network, though with a few caveats:
    - max length of 10-15 metres
    - special connectors

    So I don't think running a 100m CAT5e cable for your future HDMI needs is feasible

    why is everyone excited about this? the RJ45 connectors eat my nuts! - with the breaky plastic bit etc.

      Yeah man 100% agree with you.
      I can see people snapping the tabs on their plugs repeatedly, but hey maybe that's the plan!

      Why not squeeze a few more $$$ from those who just HAVE to be up to date with the latest home theatre standards ;)

    what im worried about is that the average consumer has enough trouble working out how to pplug a dvd player into a tv without you making the cables look exactly like the ones in the back of a computer. or router.

    i hope they are prepaired for the huge no. of complaints that their tvs internet isnt working.

    NOOOOOOO! Just about to move out of my house of 5 years with MANY cat6 network points throughout,to a new home without network!

    I work for a company that does custom AV installations and this is truly great news for the industry. It seems whenever we try to distribute HD AV around an installation it all ends up on cat 5/6 anyway with converters at each end. It all makes sense to do it straight out of the box. I've seen some good products lately at expo's which were showing off uncompressed distribution over IP VLAN networks.

    How long until Monster start charging $10/metre for these?

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