Build Yourself An Iron Man Repulsor Beam Blaster

While there's been no shortage of DIY Iron Man projects, some have definitely been more inspired/obsessive than others. This hand-mounted blaster, though, gets to the very essence of Iron Man's appeal: the intersection between useful augmentation and looking really badass.

As the above video shows, the repulsor is actually quite bright and could be useful if you were really of a mind to do some vigilante crime fighting (or, if you've got your superhero PR right, privatising of world peace). That being said, the modder behind the project says it's merely for repulsing "your archnemesis, girlfriend, wife and pet cat". I don't know if he realises that for many of us, at least two of those terms are applicable to a single person/cat.

You can check out full schematics for the blaster, which lists among its parts eight LED lights and the DC Step-up Charging Module from an old analogue camera, over at Eastern Geek. Because every full-blown crazy-person DIY Iron Man suit has to start somewhere. [Eastern Geek via Slash Gear via Dvice]

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