Borders Opens Ebook Store - BlackBerry, Android Apps Arrive As Reinforcements

Buildings-based traditional retail chain Borders has launched its ebook store today, selling titles powered by the popular Kobo eReader system. Borders says it wants to capture a rather arbitrary 17 per cent of the ebook market by July 2011.

With 1.5million ebooks available to buy now and "thousands" of free titles available in EPUB, mobile and PDF formats, Borders is expecting this to help it sell more units of physical eReaders - and says sales of the Kobo eReader and Aluratek Libre through the chain have already "surpassed sales expectations".

If you're happier with an app, the free Android and BlackBerry eReaders have joined the iPad and iPhone versions and gone live today - get the list of supported phones over at Borders. You Android users will need 2.x or above for a start. [Borders]


    You know what I would really like. A single app that could find all my ebooks on my device and show them to me. One that could merge all the various "e-stores" into a single applicable interface to make it easier for me to find what I'm after...(this is not a single "store" per say, but more like a market, where all the sellers come together to offer me a unified experience...oh my god, what am I saying!!)

    I tried the app, but it doesn't seem to work for Australian Accounts

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