BlackBerry WebKit Browser Trounces iPhone 4, Android 2.1 In Test

The looks we've gotten so far at BlackBerry OS 6 have been impressive enough, but it looks like the real crown jewel might be that WebKit browser. Here's how it stacked up recently against iOS 4 and Android 2.1.

Above, a video by Salomondrin that demonstrates the new browser in action on a BlackBerry 9800. After putting it through its Acid 3 test paces, he came up with an impressive score of 208:

Compare that to iOS 4 on an iPhone 4, which scored a 185:

And Android 2.1 running on an HTC Incredible, which weighed in at 151:

Of course, it's unfair to use Android 2.1 when Froyo is distinctly faster. But at the very least it's a welcome sign for BlackBerry devotees that their business hardware of choice will be matched by a browser that's more than capable of keeping up with their social needs. [Salomondrin via BGR]

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