BigPond’s New Broadband Plans Another Step Forward

BigPond’s New Broadband Plans Another Step Forward

 title=BigPond has just announced a refresh of their broadband packages. It’s fairly major step in the right direction for Telstra, with their 200GB plan now costing just $90 a month (plus landline), down from $180.

As well as reducing the cost of plans, BigPond has also simplified the range, taking the number of packages down from 12 to four. All of the plans are throttled once you’ve exceeded the data limit, rather than incurring excess charges.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement – all the plans require a Telstra home phone line, which pretty much adds $30 a month to the cost whether you use it or not. Also, $30 a month for 2GB of data at 1500Kbps is way too expensive for an entry-level price. Granted, it can be dropped down to $10 if you bundle another Telstra service, but that’s still not enough data for anyone updating antivirus software and iTunes a few times a month.

The new pricing table is below: