Become An ‘Insider’, Win A Panasonic 3DTV!

Become An ‘Insider’, Win A Panasonic 3DTV!

We’ve got an exclusive opportunity for you to get involved with a special ‘insider’ panel for Panasonic, getting you special early access to hands on demos of the latest gear. Answer a few questions and you could win yourself a Panasonic VIErA Full-HD 3D Neo Plasma TV!

I recently went along to one of these special ‘insider’ events where members of the Soup community (Soup is the team who runs the Panasonic Insider Crew) were invited to experience Panasonic’s top of range 3DTV before it hit the market. Experts from Panasonic as well as industry experts like cinematographers were also on hand to ask about what’s going on under the hood.

It was a good night with good people, good food and a few drinks, plus a great chance to hear what people are really thinking about what’s new.

If you want the chance to get to these kinds of special nights yourself where new tech gets mixed with free food and beverages, here’s your chance.

Just take the survey to get yourself included in the Panasonic Insider Crew and you’re on your way.

To win the TV, you’ll have a final question on how you would go about spreading the word about the TV to as many people as possible. Think of a good answer and you’ll get to offer your idea at the end of the survey.

Competition ends 10pm Wednesday 28th July. The promotion is run by the team at Soup, not us here at Gizmodo. But we’ve still got the Terms and Conditions here.

Here’s the official run down of what the Panasonic Insider Crew gets to do:

As a member of the Panasonic Insider Crew, you will have the chance to:

  • Get involved in some exciting projects to test out products and ideas
  • Have access to promotions and offers, just for crew members
  • Have the opportunity to experience Panasonic technology first
  • Be one of the first to hear news from Panasonic HQ
  • Have sneak peeks at new advertising and products
  • Give Panasonic feedback and have your voice heard