Automated GUSS Golf Carts Will Be Militarised Soon

Automated GUSS Golf Carts Will Be Militarised Soon

Drones are ubiquitous on today’s modern battlefields, from Iraq to Afghanistan and everywhere in between. Automated, gear-lugging golf carts? Not so much. That’s about to change though, thanks to a little guy named GUSS.

GUSS, short for Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, is a short range hauler akin to BigDog, but without the terrifying night terrors.

Also like BigDog, GUSS is controlled remotely by a system called WaySight. Using its collection of sensors and computer algorithms, GUSS can traverse all sorts of terrain in the day, night and even inclement weather.

And even though GUSS is golf cart-esque, it’s more than capable of moving 815kg of supplies in the field. Top speed is only 8km/h, so the injured troop transport capability also being billed alongside this cart is a bit dubious.

A prototype for now, the GUSS could see service by 2015, when 30 per cent of the US military is set to be unmanned. [TorcTech via CNET]