Aussies Driving Beer Technology Forward

Aussies Driving Beer Technology Forward

 title=When it comes to pioneering beer technology, few countries can compete with Australian ingenuity. The latest advancement comes from Melbourne Industrial designers JonesChijoff, who have invented a method for preserving boutique bottled beer after the cap has been popped. This is the biggest development since fermentation, people!

The system, dubbed the BeerVault and available in the Biero Bar in Melbourne, was designed to offer customers the ability to sample premium boutique beers, which can cost up to $200 a longneck. Because the beers can be so expensive, there historically hasn’t been a way to offer customers the ability to try the boutique beers without buying the whole bottle.

The BeerVault siphons beer from the bottle, maintaining the same pressure as in the bottle, while the beer is chilled with come clear liquid glycol surrounding the beer which is run through a chiller. The result is that the beer maintains its integrity, while being able to be poured in variable amounts from a tap.

The only downside to the whole setup is that by being able to buy expensive beers on tap, you’ll probably end up acquiring expensive beer taste. But that’d be totally worth it… for the technology, you understand…