Atheists' Latest Gadget: The Hairdryer

What does an atheist do when they're trying to prove a point and "de-baptize" non-believers? Why, use a hairdryer of course, as Edwin Kagin has done with a "flock" of atheists at this year's American Atheists Convention in New Jersey.

Kagin, no stranger to provocative speeches against religion (pictured), uses his "Reason and Truth" hairdryer to dry off those individuals who believe their baptisms, often performed when they were infants and had no say in the matter, "forced" them to become Catholic, as was the case with Cambridge Boxterman, an atheist from Cincinnati.

"According to my mother I screamed like a banshee, and those are her words, so you can see that even as a young child I didn't want to be baptized. It's not fair. I was born atheist and they were forcing me to become Catholic," she told ABC News.

Kind of corny, yes, but also a bit clever, and I chuckled. So there. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go dry my hair. [ABC News]

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