Apple Will Give Free Bumpers To iPhone 4 Owners

After arguing that all smartphones have the same antenna problem the iPhone 4 has, Apple has given a solution to the "non-problem". Free bumpers or cases. Here are all the details.

• If you have an iPhone 4, you can get a free bumper from Apple. • If you want another case - or Apple's bumpers are out of stock - you can pick another one from some options. • If you already bought another case, you get a refund on that. • The offer applies until September 30. At that time, they will "examine" the situation again (hmmm, does that mean an updated iPhone then?).

It's good to see that Apple has acknowledged the problem and they are providing a free fix. Sure, it is a Band-Aid and the problem - which, unlike Apple says, is not common in other phones, like my iPhone 3G - still exists. But it's something.

We will see what happens in September. Until then, enjoy your free cases.

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