Apple Censors Threads On Negative Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 Test

Apple has deleted at least six threads on their support forums talking about Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 antenna problem test, talking about the publication's findings. CR can't recommend it because they found out the design flaw could affect all users.

The threads were cached by Bing before getting deleted by Apple. It is not the first time that Apple censors support threads - or applications and editorial content.

Previously, AppleCare confirmed that the incoming software patch won't fix the antenna problem, and you have to "hold it differently" or "use a case" if you are experiencing it.

Consumer Reports' recommendation against buying the iPhone 4 comes after their lab testing confirmed that the antenna design flaw could stop internet access as well as voice quality degradation and call drops depending on the existing reception level.

Ironically, Consumer Reports' scorecard shows that the iPhone 4 has the best score of all mobile phones, two points ahead of the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Evo 4G.

Apple hasn't commented on Consumer Reports' test or the censoring of their threads.

Update: There are still some threads about the topic active at this time. You can see them here. [TUAW]

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