Another Queensland Politician Argues For R18+ Rating For Games

It's somewhat amazing that former Queensland premiere not only has an editorial in the Australian today arguing for the introduction of an R18+ rating, but he also attended the recent E3 gaming expo in LA. This makes him the second high profile Queensland politician who's argued for adult games classification.

In his editorial, Beattie argues his case for an adult game classification and retells of his experience at E3. I'm not going to retell his entire position here - you should head over and read it yourself - but he does mention that it's the South Australians holding up the process.

He also sums up my feelings on the matter quite well:

The argument from those opposed to an R18+ rating is that not having this classification will keep the nasty videos out of the country. How naive.

Head over to the Australian and read his editorial. And if you want some deeper analysis, check out Junglist's take on it at Kotaku.

[The Australian via Kotaku]

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