Amazon Tote Hand Delivers Your Orders Weekly, In A Bag, To Your Door

As a greener alternative to Amazon Prime's free two-day shipping, there's Amazon Tote, which gives you all your orders from the last week delivered once a week in a snazzy reusable tote bag.

So far it's only available for the Seattle area, but it can be used in combination with Amazon Prime. With that, you get two ToteDays a week, as well as your standard two-day shipping. It seems to me that there's no huge difference between this and regular shipping, just the satisfaction you get from knowing that you get a reusable tote instead of a cardboard box you have to recycle - or in my case, use to build forts and mazes for bunnies. [Amazon - Image courtesy reader Jonathan]

Update: Oh and they take the totes back on the next ToteDay. Or you can keep it, if you love totes.

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