AirportRemote Monitor App Turns Your iPhone Into A Flight Board

You know those flight information display boards at airports that show travellers what gate to go to, what time their flight is and all that? AirportRemote Monitor makes your iPhone do the same thing.

It's a simple idea to translate all that flight information to the iPhone, but it's kind of information overload. When I'm flying, I only care about my flight info and my flight info only. I don't need to bother with the entire airport's. The app isn't exactly pretty either (not that all those flight boards are), the deep blue background makes it look like something out of 1998.

But I do enjoy the idea behind it! I've stood in front of those flight boards many a times in my travelling life. The app also gives some crucial features like emailing your flight information to friends, finding out what baggage claim your luggage is at and the weather at your destination. It's available for iPhone and coming to Android next week. $4.99. [iTunes]

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