Airbus' Lightweight Plane Of The Future Features Holographic Projections, Invisible Floors

What sorts of aeroplanes will we be flying in 2030? According to Airbus, this "fantasy plane" concept is a reasonable guess, a lightweight model with curled wings and a U-shaped tail. Oh, and invisible floors.

Sure, the design itself isn't that crazy, but some of the interior features sure are. How about "holographic projections of virtual decors, so that each passenger could transform his or her area into a workspace, a bedroom, or a Zen garden"? Or walls and a floor that can turn "invisible" so you have a better sense of the landscape below. That one sounds both amazing and absolutely terrifying. Having ridden in a glass-bottomed ferris wheel car and almost soiled my shorts, I can't imagine how looking straight down from 10,000m would feel.

But hey, at least we have 20 years to sack up before having to worry about it, right? [Airbus via Inhabitat]

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