After Watching This, All I Want Is To Destroy A LaCie XtremKey

LaCie XtremKey: One of those extreme can-take-it-all USB keys that you can run over, boil, roast in the oven, drop in water, freeze and sledgehammer - then eat it and poop it out. According to the video, it'll keep working.

The LaCie XtremKey can work 101m underwater. Its temperature operating range goes from -50C to 200C, and it can transfer data at 40Mb/s. The USB key is made of zamac, "a metal alloy composed of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper that's so strong, it can withstand the pressure of a 10-ton truck". With a name like zamac, nothing can go wrong unless Ultron steals it or buys it for $US50.

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