A Look Inside The Plastiki Boat Made Of Plastic

The Plastiki – a boat made up of 12,500 recycles PET bottles – sailed into Sydney Harbour over the weekend after four months crossing the Pacific ocean. Yesterday, we got to look at it up close.

The most fascinating element of the whole ship is that the team behind the Plastiki actually developed a new type of material using recycled PET bottles that makes up the hard frame of the catamaran body. The new material is completely recyclable as well, meaning that the whole ship is very eco friendly.

There’s a whole heap of HP technology on board, powered by solar panels, wind power, a turbine dragging behind the boat and an on-board exercise bike. HP and the Plastiki team spent a lot of time mapping out power usage before they left San Fransisco, which meant that they actually didn’t need to use the bike while sailing across the ocean.

The ship is down at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney until August 1 – if you’re interested in sailing or plastic, you should definitely check it out.