Zune Dock Proves Other MP3 Players Are Allowed Accessories, Too

It's not the first Zune dock (I believe Altec Lansing has the honour there), but this ZN90B one from iHome features an all-important alarm function and fits both Zune and Zune HD models.

The ZN90B dock is available for pre-order now, for $US100, and has AM/FM presets, EQ controls and iHome's "Reson8" speaker chambers for what they're calling "astounding clarity, depth and power". It takes a pair of AA batteries when you're on the move, otherwise is charged via the AC charger. Available sometime this month, it'd make a nice buy for anyone who wants to charge their Zune while playing music - otherwise, you're probably better off just plugging the Zune into your existing audio set-up via the 3.5mm jack. [iHome via ChipChick]

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