Workable Android Port For HTC HD2 Nears?

An intrepid crew of tinkerers, working with the Android OS, are all but ready to spring that OS on the Windows 6.5 hobbled HTC HD2.

The big issue overcome this weekend was related to the bootloader. Write the folks at XDA Developers:

The reason was that the bootloader used to boot into Android, called HaRET (Handheld Reverse Engineering Tool), always caused the Snapdragon (that’s the CPU used in the HD2) to crash. Fortunately, XDA forum member Cotulla was able to patch it, meaning that the Linux-kernel can now boot via HaRET. According to the devs:

With the working Linux kernel, any kind of Linux-based userspace can be used on HD2. This includes Google Android and any other Linux distribution.

Just how soon a consumer-friendly hack will arrive is anybody’s guess, but the Linux folks are in a tizzy over this bit of news, so sooner rather than later seems apt. [XDA developers via Engadget]