Wimbledon Augmented Reality App Shows Live Video Of Matches

Joining the Android version from last year, IBM's Seer augmented reality app for Wimbledon Tennis-goers will be available for iPhones too - just in the nick of time for the first serve on June 21st.

Unless you're actually planning on heading over to Wimbledon this year the app won't be of much use, but for attendees it will be a lifesaver. It uses GPS to steer you around the grounds, and the augmented reality now shows live video of games playing that very second, once the phone is pointed courtside.

This would be extra-useful for those who were stuck watching a boring game of no-names, but still wanted to pay attention to the big Centre Court game. Pointing the phone in the general direction of the court, the live video and scores will flash up - presumably using HTML5 on the iPhone. Keep an eye on the App Store and Market place once Wimbledon approaches later this month. [Recombu]

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