Where Is Optus' iPhone4 Pre-Registration Page?

For the past two iPhone launches, Optus has led the charge, both with plan pricing and announcements. Yet here we are, about a month from launch, and they're the only major Telco without a pre-registration page for the new iPhone. What gives?

If you're super keen for the next version of the iPhone, you can pre-register on Telstra, Vodafone and Three's website. But Optus is conspicuously absent from the list.

That's not to say they won't have the iPhone 4 - visiting www.optus.com.au/iphone4 gives a 403 Forbidden error with a URL including ".../HomeRedesign/offers/iphonepreregistration"which kind of sounds like they're going to be redesigning their whole site alongside offering pre-registration for the new Apple handset.

We've contacted Optus to see what the story is but haven't heard back yet. We'll let you know when we find out more.

UPDATE: Optus have responded with a completely useless comment:

Austin R. Bryan, Optus Consumer Marketing Director said: “We look forward to providing lots of information to new and existing Optus customers on the June 8 announcement in the near future”

I guess that means they'll be selling it, I guess...



    Come on they are Optus i find they are always behind when it comes to updating webpages.
    One thing is sure who ever is looking in to this optus will loose his customers to different carriers.

      It's 'lose', not 'loose', Jayant. God damn it! Arrrghhh!

    God dammit, I hate it when they reply with those useless fucking pre-written statements. It's like talking to a fucking robot, seriously. UGH!

      DURKA! Wash out that potty-mouth! This is going on your permanent record, Durka! Shape up or ship out!!!

    No loss.

    Maybe they've realised that this "pre-registering" stuff doesn't actually mean anything and they'll go straight to proper pre-orders in July. Optus could still lead the charge of more useful processes (pre-ordering, pricing and plans) as they have in the past.

    Hey durka! Losen up.

    This is the first year Telstra might be an option since they revised their browsing plans. I feel dirty just thinking that.

    How does Optus offer iPhones normally? I really want to get in on their Yes Social Plan (with uncapped Myspace/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube) but I'm skeptical they'll offer it for the iPhone 4.

      Hmm social plan.... I checked it out and it doesn't allow tethering of the iPhone :(, but the bright side... U get loads more data to socialize I guess.:)

      the social plan is something new that was introduced by optus only recently and therefore no iphone has ever been released with the social plan.

      however, optus did just add the iphone 3gs to the social plan (in late may i think) and they had to have known that a new iphone was likely to be released so i think it is likely that the iPhone 4 will be available on the social plan. if that is the case then social plan, here i come :)

    Hi Folks,

    I have spoken to them several times, they certainly will be offering it and will be on sale at the end of July, I emailed the sales department and they are actually taking pre-registration but only via the phone for existing customers not on a plan, i have been told that as soon as they will release it I will have it that day :)

      it will be on sale at the end of july as far as optus knows. its very likely that it will be delayed by apple (there are supply issues with the displays that forced apple to cut production in half to 2 million units per month) and i dont think we will see it in Australia until late august

    I am more interested in when I will be able to order online from apple, and reserve one to be picked up from the Apple Store, the day of release.

      One word (I think it's one word): MicroSIM. Without a carrier, an iPhone 4 from the Apple Store is useless in Australia. You are still going to be waiting for the masters of customer service, sorry.

        On the contrary. Even if Optus delay their BYO MicroSIM (which I'm pretty sure they will - unfortunately), I would rather be waiting for a MicroSIM rather than wait for the entire phone. You don't expect Optus's NEW device delivary to go all that smooth now, would you?
        No sir, I'd rather wait for just the phone feature rather than waiting for the entire thing. Besides, it's always going to be your device, not theirs.

    I have spoken to a local re seller and they have said that Optus has been told not to take leave from the 30th June. Maybe an early release?????

    I got a call from a Craptus Retention Agent as I am shortly off contract with Optus (having lined up on launch day 2 years ago). He tried to sign me up for another 24 months and get a 3GS free on my $79 plan and double my call and data caps. I told him I am waiting for all plans to be announced for the 4. He firstly said be could try to match any offer. After telling him I'm only interested in payng the same and getting the handset free he told me that they will only start offering the 'free' handset from a $99 plan.
    Arrrrhhh why oh why when in the US the 4 is the same price as the exisitng 3GS will it cost us more?!

      You're not taking into account that in the US the handset upfront cost is higher than their current upfront cost of the 3GS. The handset here will be $0 upfront with a cost per month over the contract length like always, that's what the rep was saying to you, there's no cost per month for the handset if you are on the $99 cap.

        Heath, from my understanding the 16GB iPhone 4 is the same US$199 upfront cost as the 16GB 3GS. Apple then reduced the cost of the 16GB 3GS to $99. Was that not what Jobs said during the Keynote? I may have it wrong :(
        I understand the free handset for the $99 plan, my issue is that 2 years ago I got a free handset on the $79 plan. I don't want to pay more than $79 and I don't want to pay any extra for the phone. (fingers crossed!!)

    Got a call from Optus today after asking for some information on the matter. All they could say is that "following the June 8 announcement regarding iPhone 4, Optus will be providing more information for new customers, and in your case existing customers looking for incentives to upgrade and renew your soon-ending contract."

    So there you go, no date, but it's coming 'in the near future' and there should be a few incentives for 3G owners (and perhaps 3GS owners) to upgrade and renew our contracts

    any news for customers if they could do an early upgrade?

    i.e. if they still have 1 year plus to go without paying extra fees

    Got this text a short while ago from Optus:
    New iPhone coming soon. Register at www.optus.com.au/iphoneinfo to get latest news & updates. To unsub optus.com.au/unsub

    Well, Optus has announced that it will be available on July 30. No surprises there. Pricing and plan details will apparently be available next week. I think this time it was Apple's fault.

    I personally know someone that was working on the plans and pricing within Optus, Apple rejected multiple builds and sent them back to the drawing boards quite a few times until a revenue model was made that pleased Apple.

    Bring on iphone 5

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