Watch The PR2 Robot Hustle Some Serious Pool

The creators of the PR2 robot are finally done making it fold their laundry. Now they've finally put it to some good, honest labour: billiards. It's just like The colour of Money, except Paul Newman is a task-oriented robot.

It was a unique challenge for the Willow Garage team responsible for PR2: a special grip and bridge had to be made so the PR2 could use a cue, not to mention all the difficulty of ball location, shot planning, and getting that tiny chalk cube into PR2's giant robot claws.

The robot didn't complete a full game but it did sink five balls, which is better than I can do. And considering the whole process of making the PR2 pool-capable took a week, it bodes well for the future, when robots who wander into the seedy part of town will be able to fend for themselves in casual physics-based table games. [Willow Garage]

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