Watch The Apple Keynote's Network Meltdown

WWDC keynotes are usually carefully orchestrated affairs. This one? Not so much. Steve Jobs had to bail on a demo because of network trouble, and now you can watch how uncomfortable it all was.

The saddest part - the part that really hurts - is that Apple couldn't get the demo done over AT&T's network. Instead, Jobs had to ask everyone in the audience, repeatedly, to shut off their Wi-Fi so the show could go on. A bizarre hiccup for a company in its prime, showing off its latest wares. And one that clearly rattles the unflappable Steve Jobs.

The reaction to blame Wi-Fi? Well, better than throwing his carrier partner under the bus. But the real issue is that we should be able to do all of these things over 3G. So when an audience member responds to Steve's requests for suggestions with "Verizon", we laugh because it's funny and we laugh because it's true. [CNN]

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