Virtual Reality Haircut Simulator Teaches You How To Give Bad Haircuts

Air-Hair is a "virtual reality haircut simulator" from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, although it looks like that virtual reality is more Lawnmower Man than... whatever good virtual reality is.

I mean, I appreciate the idea. Why practice haircutting on a real person who's hair you could screw up very badly? But look at this thing! The hair in the simulator behaves like it's one solid object. And what of thinning the hair, or layering it? Or clipping just some of it rather than cutting big old chunks off?

It seems to me that you could buy a few thousand wigs to practice on for the same price as one of these contraptions, and it would do a much better job of teaching you how to cut hair. But hey, I'm not barber. [Neatorama via Crunchgear]

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