UrbanEars' Medis Earphones Are Headphone/Earbud Hybrids

Not quite a headphone, which sits on top of your ear, and not quite an earbud which burrows into your canal, these Medis 'phones clip onto your ear in a way you would never guess:

They say they're still as comfortable as normal earbuds, however I'd love to try a pair out as having something clipped onto the cartilage sounds slightly painful. Nonetheless, UrbanEars includes four differently-sized interchangeable pads, so at least you can work out what's most comfortable through trial and error.

If you thought they were just fancy earbuds that are the result of UrbanEars' "thinking outside the box", then you'll be pleased to know they also have a mic and mini-remote on the cord, making them compatible with phones.

On sale next month for around $US50, they come in 12 different colours - including the "army" green which is pretty thrilling. [UrbanEars via Wired]

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