Underwater Photography With The Canon 5D Mark II

Yesterday, we looked at some gorgeous underwater photography taken with the Canon 5D Mark II. Today, we have an article explaining a bit of the logistics behind such shooting, from waterproof gear to the reasons you'll curse into bubbles.

Drew Wong, for the site WetPixel, tested a pair of waterproof camera housings for the Canon 5D Mark II. While never explicitly stated, his favourite seemed to be the Aquatica for its ruggedness and utilitarian access to so many camera controls - though I'm guessing price came into consideration as well. The Aquatica costs a hefty $US3000, but keep in mind, the lightweight, ergonomic Sea & Sea MDX Pro he tested alongside it costs $US1000 more.

But if you're generally interested in underwater photography, it's Wong's more general test notes regarding white balancing, autofocus, framing shots, lighting and how all this comes together in zero gravity that make the article an interesting read. I've never had the pleasure to go diving, nor have I submerged my dSLR in anything more dangerous than my own artistic ego. While a bit on the technical side, Wong's article will certainly whet your palate for both experiences. [wetpixel]

(Yes, that's a Nikon version of the case in the lead shot. I couldn't find the angle/size I liked in Canon, OK?)

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