Three Free World Cup Apps For BlackBerry

Feeling left out of the World Cup fun, oh Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm owners? Never fear, because here are three free apps in the BlackBerry App World which will have you staying up to date on the scores.

AP 2010 World Cup Coverage It figures that the newswire bods at Associated Press have an app for following the World Cup coverage. The app comes in several different language options (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), and features live scores, schedules of games, the rank of teams and plenty of other soccer-shaped news. [Free for all BlackBerrys]

South Africa on BlackBerry This one has more features than the AP's app, however is only supported for 9000, 9700, 9100, 8520, 8900, 9500, 9530 phones running OS 4.6 or higher. Real-time scores, news and event coverage is included, along with push notifications for goals. The neat thing here is that you can actually choose what news you want pushed through to you.

There's social support too, for Twitter, Facebook, email and BBM, and you can also watch videos inside the app too. English, Portuguese and Spanish languages supported. [Free]

WC2010 While not as clean-looking as the other two apps, WC2010 supports all BlackBerry phones. News, schedules and scores are all on offer, with the key attraction being the fact that's many of the downloaders' reviews are saying it's the best one they've seen. [Free]

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