This Week's Best iPhone Apps

In this week's afterglow-y app roundup: The world's most popular sporting event, parsed! Things, learned by rote! Drinking games, put to shame! Humans, zombified! And more...

BarCards: A collection of simple, bar-oriented challenges (find a girl with stilettos!, etc) to pass around when you're drinking with friends. The challenges are just silly enough to be worthwhile, and just reasonable enough to actually execute in a bar. If you complete the challenge, the challenger owes you a free drink, and vice versa.

Stacks: Stacks has long been one of the prettiest, most polished trivia/flashcard apps, but now, in addition to its huge library (15,000 categorised cards or so) of included trivia, it lets you create your own decks. $6.

App of the Dead: Changes any person into a full-blown Romero Zombie, which can then be shot, resulting in a full-blown Romero splatter. $2.49.

Kindle: A relatively minor update to the Kindle app, adding new font sizes, faster navigation and (finally) search. Free.

This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps: see our previous weekly roundups here, and check out our Favourite iPhone Apps Directory. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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