This Week's Best Android Apps

No, Android fan boys and girls, you're not imagining it. We'll be rounding up the best new Android apps every two weeks from here on out. This week, apps that make you smarterer.

doubleTwist: It works best if you sync your music and videos with doubleTwist's desktop app, but even if you don't, the doubleTwist player's a worthy replacement for the stock Android music player for aesthetic reasons alone. Actually, that's the main reason if you're not straight-up syncing for iTunes-y goodness - it functions nearly the same as the Android default, with a similar structure and layout. It'll be 10 times better when it has a widget. Still I'd grab it while it's free.

DSI: Miami: Jason, on his favourite new Android app ever:

Do you often pretend you're a pale and freckled middle-aged man, throwing out one-liners before someone yells YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!! and a guitar riff plays? This app is the only thing you need to complete the experience. YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

It's free.

Layar 3.5: The big feature in Layer 3.5, and what makes it worth noting - besides the fact it's still possibly the best augmented reality app around - is the new 'stream' feature, which pulls up the most interesting augmented reality stuff around you automatically without having to manually search for something. Soon it'll think for us.

HomePipe: It'll be obsoleted by Google's own streaming service in the future, but for now HomePipe is probably the easiest way to stream your iTunes library to your phone. It'll let you peep just about at any other file too. It's free, but requires a HomePipe account.

This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps: see our previous roundups here. See ya in two weeks!

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